About me

I'm wondering, does it make any sense to write about myself?
A little research with my name in Google and you probably will even know where I stop to pee when I'm riding my bike...
Wojciech Rosłan

Wojtek, born in 1986, in Biłgoraj. I wrote my first programm in the middle school, so I can clearly say, I’ve got 20 years of experience in this area. It was Pascal, then Delphi. I’ve studied IT on University of Technology in Rzeszów, where I absorbed a little old knowledge, so after graduating I’ve begun to be an Oracle fanboy. SQL and PL/SQL, god I really liked it. I’ve tried to implement everything in that, with deep belief, that is the best way to do it. Next Oracle Forms, which I abandoned in favor of Oracle ADF. Beautiful times, two mouse clicks, three seconds and you’re ready to go with CRUD and validation, authorization, database, backend and frontend. The development time was ever so slightly, but our customers complained a little.. the app is too heavy, on Facebook it works like that and we want exactly the same etc.. ADF wasn’t easy to customize. I decided to try some open source technology. For Java developer it was clear – try Spring Framework. Unfortunately, Spring’s magic didn’t suit me much, and Hibernate, JPA, entities – I really don’t feel it. It’s disgusting. Then I found out a video course with the Spring WebFlux and MongoDB (nosql database) and that combination works pretty well. But we still need something to frontend.. Angular? Blaah, no, there is something much much better. Vue.js. With this technology stack I’m currently develop myself. You should try it too. And that’s what this blog is going to be about.

DreamJump Głogów - 222 m.

In my everyday life I like to eat well, ride a bike, sometimes run, I like extreme sports and motorization. I dream about mountain hiking, but for financial reasons, I rarely visit them.

Of course I am open to cooperation in the above-mentioned technologies. Currently, I think about starting a startup, writing an app on the Android, and if I get hold of some money and get the laptop with bitten apple, maybe I will write something for iOS.. 🙂